First Wedding Piece EVER…..The Groom’s Cake

So imagine climbing into bed getting ready to fall asleep when your phone rings. It’s your boyfriend so of course you answer, what you do not know is that you are about to agree to something that you have never done before. That’s right, you are going to make a grooms cake for a wedding. Something fell through with the original baker of this cake and Taylor decided to talk up my baking skills. Now, I’m usually up for anything in the baking world but this was kind of major. It’s a wedding, the last thing anyone wants to do is ruin a piece of wedding even if it’s a small piece…it’s still a wedding. The bride-to-be is so sweet, which is why I agreed to do it though I had my reservations. As you all know I do cupcakes and have no experience with 14″ cakes…NONE!

I decided I had to practice. The first cake, I tried a new cake recipe. It was a chocolate cake made with coca-cola and marshmallows. My taste testers loved it….me not so much. I thought it was too dry. So on my second practice cake I used my favorite chocolate sheet cake recipe (I will post it here eventually). Since I had no experience with large cakes I decided to even practice making the 14″ cake. First of all let me just say, 14 inches of cake is a lot of freaking cake…A LOT! Luckily for me I work with people who are not opposed to eating a lot of chocolate cake and I am also at an elementary school, with teachers…who are hungry…and love cake.  This cake was a success, I even had non-cake eaters (yes they exist, this surprised me too) asking for seconds.

Tonight was the night…I made it! It worked! The wedding is on Saturday (Congrats Tom and Whitney). Here is the cake…the 14″ hockey puck shaped cake…that I made…from scratch (minus the edible logo I ordered that).


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