Don’t be that girl (or guy)

It’s been awhile since I wrote anything, mainly because I have not felt passionate enough about a topic to write. I have a few drafts started, one about New Year’s Resolutions, however I have something I feel needs to be addressed. Maybe we’ll call it a lifetime resolution that we should all consider, dating etiquette. I keep hearing horror stories or just ridiculous stories about friend’s dating lives and I know I have a few of my own.  I’d like to lay out 5 simple guidelines (pet-peeves) for everyone on how not to be “that person” people complain about.

1.) Girls, when guys say they aren’t going to date you, that they don’t want to date you, or that they don’t want a relationship BELIEVE them. 

You are not going to change these individuals. They aren’t attracted to you in a romantic sense. They will never value you as an equal partner in a relationship. They really aren’t interested…seriously, stop being that pathetic girl and MOVE ON.

2.) If someone asks for open communication, this does not mean constant texting or phone calls.

Saying “hi” is fine. Having a conversation about your day is fine. No one needs a play by play of your day throughout the whole damn thing. Ladies, we are the biggest offenders when it comes to this. STOP. No guy likes texting that much. However, I’m not ruling guys out here either because I personally have had a few that ignore this rule. It’s especially a deal breaker if you do this one date in.

3.) Dating isn’t a business deal.

Ladies, you should not expect a man to provide you with gifts or even dinner. You should be dating someone because you care about them and like being with them. Not because you need things, not because you can’t support yourself. Don’t be that girl.

4.) Getting white girl wasted is not the way to a man (or woman’s) heart.

Your crush asks you to go out with them for some drinks. Do it. Have fun. But don’t be the drunk everyone talks about the next day. Drunk PDA is not the same as sober PDA. They do not translate, no one will remember the “romantic kiss” you supposedly shared at the bar. Everyone will remember you drunkenly throwing yourself at someone.

5.) Keep it classy.

Once you enter into a relationship with someone, be someone they are proud of in public. Don’t get wasted and make a fool of yourself in front of his or her friends/coworkers. Don’t wear clothing that is going to embarrass them. I know this almost sounds shallow but really, the person you’re dating speaks volumes about how much you value yourself. Have fun with your date’s friends, but don’t tease your date so much his/her friends start thinking you’re a dick.

Just remember ladies and gentleman. We all make mistakes we all do silly things, just be adult enough to recognize them and not repeat them. If you’re reading this, you are more than likely my friend so I know you are fabulous so be that fabulous person and choose to date people who are equally as fabulous.


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