What If ‘The Bachelorette’ Was Real Life?

Alright, guilty pleasure confession; I watch "The Bachelorette." It is easily the most ridiculous show in the world and the people on the show are the most ridiculous people on the planet. Do I think these people are for real? No. Do I think they are crazy? Absolutely. Next confession, I want to be on … Continue reading What If ‘The Bachelorette’ Was Real Life?

“Do These Stairs Go Up?” (Part 2)

Back by popular demand...some of my "favorite" conversations with hotel guests. Part 2: Guest: "How do I get to you?" Me: "Where are you?" Guest: "The parking garage." Me: "Go through the door..." Guest: "Where is it?" Me: "On the wall...the wall that's attached to the building. Go through the door and you'll find me." … Continue reading “Do These Stairs Go Up?” (Part 2)