What If ‘The Bachelorette’ Was Real Life?

Alright, guilty pleasure confession; I watch “The Bachelorette.” It is easily the most ridiculous show in the world and the people on the show are the most ridiculous people on the planet. Do I think these people are for real? No. Do I think they are crazy? Absolutely.
Next confession, I want to be on the show someday just to figure out what the hell is really going on. There is always one person every season who is “there for the wrong reasons.” I’d be that person, just there to figure out if these people are serious.
After realizing my dream to be on the show, I wondered what it would be like if that was the way we all got married/found our significant others. What if we all were presented with 25 men or women and we had to date them all until we picked one.

This is what life would be like:

-Each day we would get to ask one person to leave our lives forever.
-Roses would have to be given out after every date to keep people around.
-No more planning dates! People would do that for us.
– I think we would all cry more often, at least that’s what appears to happen on the show. Everyone, men and women alike cry roughly 50% of the time.
– We’d always have to wonder if the people we were on dates with wanted to be set up with us or if they were secretly hoping to be set up with another bachelor/bachelorette.
-While going through the experience we would live in lavish homes, drive lavish cars, and travel the world which in no way replicates reality.
-No one would really know what we were like in real life because, well, the previous statement.
– Plus side, some production company would pay for all your dates…no more awkward “who’s paying?” situations at the end of the night.
– Talking about your life struggles on a constant basis apparently makes you a better person in bachelor/bachelorette world….not at all a narcissist.
-Playing dress up in wedding clothes on a first date is not considered completely terrifying and is totally encouraged (Seriously, it happened this season. Creepiest 1st date ever? Yes.)
-Along those lines, talking about marriage on the first, second and third date is not out of the question.
-After a few weeks, you can have 2 on 1 dates that aren’t at all awkward.
– You get to date 25 people at the same time… who live together… because dating people who are roommates/friends usually works out.
-After 6 weeks of dating 25 guys/girls, you get proposed to or get to propose. 6 weeks is a totally acceptable amount of time. (Yes that’s right folks the filming of a season of ‘The Bachelor’ is 6 weeks long. That’s it!)

We’ve all been doing it wrong! 6 weeks is a completely acceptable amount of time to get to know someone! Obviously, this would be flawless and we’d all be married forever just like…oh…1 out of roughly 34 couples on the Bachelor and Bachelorette combined.


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