Wedding Season

One thing I’ll never understand is wedding guests. They feel entitled to everything, even though it’s not their wedding. They feel they can act like a fool and all will be forgiven at the end of the weekend. It becomes an excuse to drink for an entire weekend. While this is fine, I don’t think people consider their actions and who it effects. As we jump into wedding season friends I want you to remember a few things:

-If everyone is staying in a hotel, not everyone staying in the hotel is part of your wedding group and they may not appreciate your fun at 2am.
-If you are in a wedding party and you have a rehearsal dinner to get to, I promise you that you are not impressing anyone by showing up completely wasted at 5pm.
– The front desk person of the hotel does not have to put up with your shit. He/she does not have to tolerate being hit on, asked where to get drugs, being snapped at, and furthermore you are not my priority with a lobby full of guests who are sober enough to speak to me respectfully.
-It is not my job as a front desk person to hold on to everyone’s shoes and purses as they get progressively drunker.
-If I’ve had to put up with your drunk antics for a couple of days by the time you check out, I’ll probably have lost my desire to be nice to you in your somewhat sober state.
-On another note, if I’ve put up with your drunk antics for a couple of days don’t be surprised when you try to hit on me upon checkout that I laugh and respond “You can’t be serious?”
-Guess who has to deal with all the people you piss off in the hotel? The front desk staff…get your shit together and be respectful.
-I have no problem calling the cops for public intoxication if you are being obnoxious. No problem at all.
-Again, because a lot of you are staying in the hotel does not mean that you rented out the entire hotel. There are other guests and if you’re acting out of control I will ensure the other guests happiness over yours… I don’t care if you’re the bride or not.
-Because you’re the bride, you are not exempt from having to pay the smoke extraction fee from a room if you or any of your guests smoked cigarettes or weed in the room. (I think we’ve made multiple brides cry over this, but you signed and acknowledged this policy so not my problem if you choose to ignore it.)
-If you are the father, uncle, cousin, whatever of the bride or groom , this does not elevate you to some “VIP status.” So, if I’m talking to another guest you do not get to come up and interrupt me to ask a question. Again, there are other guests in the hotel and they are not any less important than you. Wait your fucking turn.

To summarize, don’t be assholes. Don’t think everyone thinks you’re super fun when you’re super wasted because in reality you’re just REALLY annoying to everyone else in the hotel. Pull it together, have fun, don’t ruin everyone else’s vacation.


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