Things I want to do, be and have before I die.

I’ve been binge listening to the podcast “So Money” by financial expert Farnoosh Torabi. I’ve recently become fascinated by other people’s success stories, which many are shared on her podcast. Each daily episode is only 30 minutes long and is packed with fascinating stories and advice from business minds and financial experts.

On one of the first episodes she interviewed Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul guy…among a million other things). Many of the other interviewees say many of the same things. The theme being that you have to release fear and go for the things that you want to do and that make you happy. One suggestion that Jack made is to write down 100 things you want to do, have, or be before you die. I think that’s a great idea just so you have it in your mind so you know what you are striving for in the midst of all the craziness in daily life.

I have started my list because I know I’m at a turning point in my life where  I know I want to do something new. Here’s a very short list (as no one wants to read 100 things on  list), share yours in the comments I’d love to hear what your goal lists are!

Things I want do do, have and be before I die.

1.) Own a house that I helped build.

2.) Create and start my own business.

3.) Invest in a successful business.

4.) Start a non-profit helping inner city kids learn the joys of volunteering.

5.) Be able to donate a large sum of money to a cause I care about.

6.) Travel to France- take a cooking class.

7.) Write a novel.

8.) Help a person change their life.

9.) Teach abroad.

10.) Work full-time in the refugee community.

11.) Get my Master’s in Public Affairs with a concentration in non-profit management.

12.) Get my Ph.D in ???

13.) Learn about investing and business.

14.) Learn about internet marketing.

15.) Open a bakery or have my goods sold in a coffee shop.

16.) Learn how to make Indian food from someone from India.

17.) Have an article published on Positively Positive.

18.)  Do something interesting enough to write a memoir.

19.) Work few enough hours that I can volunteer most of my time.

20.) Own enough land to house rescued pets.

21.) Write an article for a published magazine while print is still around.

22.)Own a pet pig.

23.) Give everything away and live minimally.

24.) Sit on the board of a non-profit.

25.) Learn Spanish.

26.) Travel parts of South America.

27.) Volunteer with a global charity.

28.) Take a cooking course in Italy.

29.)Have the perfect entertaining and cooking kitchen.

30.) Live in a small town.


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