A Moment of Gratitude

In times of stress, I try to balance it out with moments of gratitude. The past few weeks have been stressful and exhausting. It can be really difficult to find those moments in weeks like that, but it can be done with some will. I try not to pick obvious things like family members and friends that I could easily list, but try to find the moments of gratitude in the tough stuff.

For example, today while I generally dislike snow, I’m grateful that I had today off and didn’t have to drive to work in it.

I do however have to take a moment of public gratitude for this weekend. It was Valentine’s Day weekend and it was probably the best weekend I have had in awhile. I’m not a woman who puts a ton of value in Valentine’s Day in fact, I think it is very silly. On Valentine’s Day I was able to spend the evening with my wonderful boyfriend and his family, some of the best people I know. We played games, drank wine, laughed and talked. The next morning Jon and I (Seriously, I cannot stress how wonderful he is) went to a barre class. It was a boys at the barre class. Now, this takes a brave man to go try a ballet infused workout and he and 9 other men did it like champs! It meant so much to me that he took the time to try something that I love. He even enjoyed himself!

Afterward, I got to go spend time with my mom where she had made an adorable fruit and cheese platter and monkey bread since she knew I was coming over. We spent a few hours together. Then I went and met my best friend, Matt (blog here), at Starbucks for coffee and catching up.

It was the perfect weekend dedicated to love of all kinds and I cannot be more thankful. I was surrounded by most of the people I love all weekend and isn’t that what Valentine’s is really supposed to be about? Thank you to all of those who add awesomeness to my life!


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