Self Dates

It’s been a rough week…really rough. Grades are due soon so I have been working long monotonous hours and 12-15 hours on the weekends. It’s been exhausting, not to mention endless surprise visits from parents and e-mails. (Yes, I’m doing that thing right now that I said not to do in my blog post about not being a victim. Sit tight for a bit I promise there is more). My point is it’s been a draining week. I had plans with a friend tonight but they got cancelled, so I decided to have a self-date.

What is a self-date? I decided to stop and pick up some wine and food from my new favorite Mexican restaurant. I rarely get food out when I’m by myself, going out for food is a  social activity for me but I decided I would make an exception tonight. I may read a little and I may sit and watch some Daily Show.

I think we all need to have self dates. It gives us all time to do something that we want, treat ourselves, and enjoy our own company. It gives us time to decompress and re-energize before being faced with people again.


I think it’s important that we all know how to be alone with ourselves and love that time. I think we would have a happier more peaceful world if we all just took a little time alone. What’s your perfect self date?

Happy Friday Everyone! 


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