International Women’s Day

In honor of International Women’s Day, I thought I’d share with you all two organizations that I donate to and volunteer with that celebrate and help women on a global scale.

Women for Women International

I donate to this organization as much as possible. One reason being that I have researched it thoroughly and nearly all donations go directly to services provided by the organization. There is a very low overhead for administrative staff. This organization helps women in war torn countries or countries where disaster has hit. The organization focuses on helping women whom disaster has struck become financially responsible and independent. You can “Sponsor a Sister” where you donate $30 per month to help a woman get job training and education for a year or you can just make one-time donations. For information, which I highly recommend, visit their website here

African Community Center Denver

This is a local organization that helps refugees get settled in the Metro Denver area. I discovered this organization on a whim last summer and immediately fell in love. They have many programs ranging from job readiness to youth mentorship. They also have the We Made This program ( where women learn to sew amazing things or share their talents by creating amazing things sold here: and in the Safari Thrift Store in Aurora. I love this organization so much and it has brought so much joy to my life. To learn more about the African Community Center visit the website here

While I’m at it…I’m going to also suggest visiting this website This was another organization I got involved with through the African Community Center. If you want a life changing experience volunteer at this event! If you do not have time donate.  I cannot express how amazing this organization is. They provide the opportunity for new refugee children to go shopping for brand new clothes in a store that they set up for a week. To see the joy on a child’s face getting brand new outfits is absolutely the best thing in the world, especially when it may be the nicest thing they’ve ever gotten. Last year they were able to serve 300 children.

Please share an organizations below that you are passionate about and that help make this world a better, smarter place!


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