Soul Food Sunday- Tea

This week I want to talk about my favorite tea. Yes, tea. How is this inspiring or food for the soul? The tea gives me breaks in my day sometimes when I really need it. During the week, I often leave my classroom to go get tea two or three times per day (thank goodness for having a co-teacher.). Often, I do this when I know I’m getting frustrated with my lovely group of 5th graders. The second I think, “If one more person tells me they aren’t talking when I clearly see them out of their seat talking, I’m going to lose my shit” I get up and go get some hot water for tea and take a few minutes to adjust myself.

My co-teacher and I have an unspoken understanding of these breaks. He’s not a tea drinker but sometimes he’ll take a walk to fill up his water bottle or go sit for a moment in the teacher’s lounge.

My favorite tea to drink is Yogi tea. Not only do I love the taste (My personal favorite is vanilla spice. I have boxes of it in my drawer at work.)
imageBut I love the little messages on the tea bag strings. Some of them can be a little corny but sometimes they are nice to think about in moments of stress. Sometimes they have the write words on them to refocus me and keep me from needlessly yelling at 27, 11-year-olds.

image My friend and awesome colleague next door in the other 5th grade classroom and I often swap teas. She also has an assortment in her drawer, more so than me because I often stick with what I know  I enjoy. She has fallen in love with Yogi, also vanilla spice, and is now stocking it in her drawer. I highly recommend it!

What is your break in the day to recharge yourself?


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