Soul Food Sunday (Saturday…I know): So Money Podcast

I have mentioned this podcast in some of my other blogs, but seriously it is amazing and definitely making me smarter. So Money is podcast run by Farnoosh Tarobi a financial expert. The show discusses financial matters from how to pay off $50,000 worth of debt to starting your own business. It’s a 30-45 minute daily podcast with new guests during the week (Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, etc.) and her “Ask Farnoosh” segment on Saturdays and Sundays, where listeners e-mail her questions and she responds to them during those shows.

What I love about this podcast is that it turns money and scary, real-life things, like debt into something everyone can understand. Her guests are always brilliant and fascinating people. Farnoosh has a set series of questions she always asks her guests that always illicit interesting responses. One of my favorite questions she asks is “What was your biggest financial fail and what did you learn from it?”  It is interesting to hear some of these wealthy, intelligent people tell their rags to riches stories.

I love listening to this podcast on my way to work in the mornings and I always learn something new! Unfortunately some of the other podcasts I used to enjoy have fallen by the wayside because I’ve been obsessed with this one. Please check it out!

Here is the link to one of my personal favorite episodes, though I have many! This was an interview with Barbara Stanny (currently reading her awesome book) Barbara Stanny on So Money.

Side note: Farnoosh is a very genuine person who appreciates her “fans.” She has no problem contacting people personally to thank them for reviewing her show which is a great way to ensure you have a happy customer.


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