The Solution for World Peace: Laser Tag

You’re welcome world…I figured it out. Today, I went and played laser tag with my boyfriend, his daughter, and his older brother. There were a lot of 30-somethings that were at the laser tag place…A LOT. They turned us loose and both kids and adults ran around like crazy laughing our heads off…playing! Let me tell you something, there is no person who comes out of laser tag angry or sad. Everyone was laughing and telling their “battle stories” even to complete strangers.

It was so much fun and I feel so amazing after it. Why is that? Because adults forget how to play! We don’t have recess at work, we don’t go down to the park to play tag with our friends and my goodness we should! Being a grown-up sucks, it’s hard! We have deadlines, bills and responsibilities the least we could do for ourselves is go play from time to time.

Can you imagine if every time people had disagreements we threw them in a laser tag arena for 30 minutes? I guarantee they’d forget why they were mad at the other person. That’s why kids bounce back so fast. A couple of my students will hate each other and by the time they come back from recess, all is forgiven.

Let’s bring back playtime! Let’s ride our bikes aimlessly around neighborhoods, run uninhibited through parks and play laser tag!

Who’s with me? Comment below and share your favorite childhood game and let’s bring back recess to our adult lives!

Side note: I’m terrible at laser tag…I ranked 14 out of 15 but it was still so fun!


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