Spring Clean- Day 1 The Closet

Before and After closet2 hours and 4 bags of donations, items to sell and trash later I finally have a functioning closet! I can walk into my walk-in closet! It’s not perfect by any means. I still have way more quilts and blankets than any person should have but I’m trying to find away to re-purpose some of the quilts my grandmother made me (if you have an idea please leave it in the comments below!).

I think that’s the most important thing for doing purges is to designate bags to trash, donate, sell. This way everything you inevitably find and don’t want/need has a place to go. Be very honest with yourself about what you trash and donate. I’ve volunteered at thrift stores…don’t donate that dress with a hole in it because you loved it and hate to throw it away. Throw that shit out, no one wants it. 

Of course, you come across those items in your closet that you love that you can’t imagine parting with but know you must because you’ve worn them for 30 seconds and realize they are the most uncomfortable thing you’ve ever worn. Or you realize that you are nearly 30 and there is no practical situation in which you would ever wear these shoes. Or both.


I did get distracted along the way and found some of these oldies but goodies.  For example, a diary from elementary school as pictured below. I may have been a highly dramatic child…

There are so many great diary entries I could probably do a whole post on that.


I also found some words of encouragement from my best friend in high school. You know the days of passing notes in the hallways. This was from when I was trying out for the hip-hop dance team (yes, you read that correctly.) I did end up making the team.

20150324_120947Then there was this birthday card from my 17th birthday which was still nice to read 10 years later. 20150324_121054-1Cleaning was a cathartic experience of throwing away junk and revisiting some old memories! What is your favorite thing you’ve ever found while cleaning?


One thought on “Spring Clean- Day 1 The Closet

  1. Aunt Angela says:

    Could you stack the blankets like a table and put a table cloth over them…like an ottoman….maybe put a tray on top so it could be like a coffee table…..?


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