Spring Cleaning/Purge

Every time school is out for break I take it as an opportunity to get my life back in order. Between working 60 hours per week, eating , sleeping and trying (unsuccessfully) to maintain a healthy social life, cleaning and organizing gets put on the back burner. This Spring Break is a little different. Not only am I trying to get my life in order I’m also trying to purge all the excess crap I have. I’m going to be moving in the next month in a half and I need to decide what stuff I really want.

When I moved in here a little over a year ago I was so excited that I found an apartment that I packed everything I had and didn’t think twice about what was actually necessary. The other day, I looked at my hair appliances under my sink while I was cleaning my bathroom…do you know how many curling irons I had? Five…FIVE curling irons. Do you know how often I curl my hair? Maybe twice per month…MAYBE. So needless to say, I’ve got some shit to get rid of.

Not only am I moving but I’m merging stuff with my boyfriend so less stuff is desirable! Not only that but I’m working very hard on combating my “scarcity mentality.” You know where keeping shoe boxes for future crafts seems practical because you never know when you’ll need it and you’ll surely never get any again (I’ve moved on from boxes I now hoard empty wine bottles for all my Pinterest projects….because you know I never drink wine so I better save them. HAHA!)

Here are the areas I will be attacking:

1.)My Closet: My goodness I have too much stuff! From clothes I don’t wear to doll furniture…expensive doll furniture I can probably sell. See “before” picture below. It makes you anxious doesn’t it? (Also, stop judging my board game choices…Mall Madness is the shit!)

It's stressing you out too isn't it?

It’s stressing you out too isn’t it?

2.) My bookshelves: When I moved the majority of my boxes were books. I NEVER read a book twice so I’m not sure why I’m hanging on to all these. I have a Kindle so now I download most books. I’ve found a website and there is a used bookstore down the street that I can sell most of these to (more on that in a future blog).

3.) My storage closet: ::shudder:: there is so much stuff in there… I don’t even want to know.

4.) Paperwork/desk area: I need to figure out what things I need to keep and how much is excess that can go. I have electronic copies of most important documents but I prefer to keep some in hard copy because computers have done me dirty before.

5.) Pantry: It’s pure madness in there.

6.) Bathroom: Make-up and hair appliances galore! I’ve already started some of this process but I’ll talk about it more on a future blog.

I will be posting blogs as the process goes on. Today, I was working on my closet but I got distracted by shiny objects in the form of binders of papers and started organizing those so who knows what my next post will be about! Then I got distracted by blogging and then by this random video…you’re welcome and happy cleaning!


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