Soul Food Sunday- Spring Break


Castlewood Canyon, the dam ruins, Colorado


Castlewood Canyon, Colorado

I’ve been on Spring break this week, one of the perks of being a teacher. It has been incredibly nice to lounge about with no immediate plans that must be attended too. I hiked, I met with friends for a 3 pm happy hour, I tried to organize my life, I read, I meditated, I went to barre 4 times this week. Life was grand!

It’s important for all of us to have moments of doing absolutely nothing for hours on end. I’ve had a lot of really awesome ideas come into my brain because of the down time. Luckily, summer is just around the corner so maybe I’ll have time to act on them.

Tomorrow, real life returns but I have some new clarity and insight. I’ve realized I’ve been making my career life much more difficult than it needs to be. I work 60+ hours per week making my salary work out to about $8.33 per hour…not okay. As I’ve been reading The 4-hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss, I’ve realized that while I’m efficient I’m not being effective. I spend way too much time at work on tasks that don’t matter so then I have to come home and do more work. I spend my weekends working and in case you didn’t know that leads to burn out…and pure exhaustion very quickly!

This made me realize though that I’m not even close to the only teacher that does this. Almost all do. I will be starting a second blog soon with tips an tricks for teachers to be more effective and waste less time (if you’re a teacher stay tuned, once it is going I’ll provide the link).Until then, hopefully everyone is enjoying their spring wherever you are and what you are doing! Spring is the time for brand new starts.

This week I’ll be bringing  you a post about another project I’m going to work on publicly, hopefully with you all!


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