Taking Time to Appreciate Life


Photo credit: Flickr user Hartwig HKD

I’ve been struggling with writing lately. I have been tired, stressed and feeling a little uninspired. I’m trying to find some center and get myself in a better mental state.  I realized this week that I need to take some time to appreciate life’s wins.

1.) This coming week I will be going with a group of 6th graders to the mountains. While 6th graders do terrify me (yes, I’m 27 and mean 6th graders frighten me), I know from experience kids who live in cities and are from low-income areas have limited experience with the mountains and doing things outdoors. It is so fun to watch them explore life without technology and other “stuff” we all take for granted. I really feel that kids change once they get to explore the outdoors and spend a few days away from their parents.

2.) I got notified I will speaking on a career panel for refugee teens. I’m super excited to be able to share knowledge with kids who are thinking about what they want to be when they grow up or where they want to start their journey.

3.) I still have a job next year. I have been struggling with teaching lately but I do want to continue doing it until I figure out what the next step in my journey is. It is really tough and it’s exhausting but it still continues to teach me things about myself. I also get to learn from some pretty cool kids.

4.) We are closer to getting out pre-approval for a mortgage. We started the process over once I found the Everyday Hero’s Housing Fund and realized we could get help with closing costs. It’s been stressful but, it has definitely made Jon and I closer. Seriously, if you want to test a relationship apply for a loan together. If you can do that and keep smiling…you win.

5.) The pigeon eggs, that are in my planter, hatched this week. While pigeons are considered pests…I love animals and I think it’s pretty cool I have a live version of animal planet going on right outside my window. Baby pigeons look like prehistoric creatures…hopefully the get cute soon.


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