30 Day Challenge- week 3

What I meant to do was write another post during week 2 of my 30 day challenge…what happened is, I didn’t. Life has been crazy, including but not limited to get our offer accepted on a house! Despite all this I have still been holding strong on the 30 day challenge.

I attend barre 3-4 times per week. I have to say this has changed my body drastically just in the two full weeks I have been doing it. I have been doing barre for about 6 month but during school I was only going once or twice per week. Adding an extra couple day has been huge! I have only lost 2 pounds technically but I have gained so much muscle. I can hold a plank for days (I still feel like dying when I’m doing it though.) The definition in my arms and stomach have changed a lot. After week 4 I will be posting pictures of the transformation.

Eating better has helped too, but here is the caveat; I don’t eat perfectly. I ALWAYS have a healthy breakfast and usually a decent lunch. Dinner is where things get lenient. I make healthier meals but sometimes we go out or eat with family and sometimes I just want to make something easy and delicious that may have a lot of cheese in it. Man I love cheese… and pasta…and bread…

Regardless, making the small changes I’ve made has done some incredible things. Below are some of the things I have eaten that are on the healthier side that you may enjoy as well.


Egg white scramble with salsa and avocado and a side of turkey bacon.


Healthy chicken salad made with chicken, Greek yogurt, dried cranberries, onion and apples. Instead of putting it on bread I ate it on avocado.


Sweet and spicy chicken fingers. Made with almond flour, hot sauce and honey.


Mashed Cauliflower. Yup with cheese and crumbled turkey bacon on top.


Smoothie made with Greek yogurt, half an avocado, banana, spinach, almond milk and frozen berries.


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