I HATE….hate

I’ve been MIA for awhile as life has been kind of crazy. Some good things some not so good things going on. However, something has made me irritated enough to come on out of hiding for a bit and write.

It’s nearing election season…you know in a year. I always feel like this time of year brings out the worst in people. While I have become pretty cynical of the political process in general there is something the bothers me more than anything: Hate. I hate that hate is a platform that people feel comfortable running on. Whether it’s hating a specific group of people or a person or the environment, it’s hate and it sucks. I hate that the more hateful someone is the more attention they get. WAKE UP.

Is a world with any hate, prejudice and discrimination a place where any of us want to live? It makes me so sad to see people posting hateful things on Facebook that some candidate or another has said and being proud that that person said it. It makes me sad that so many people have so much hate in their own hearts to continue sharing hateful messages.  It makes me realize how miserable most people really are and it hurts my heart to see it on such a large scale.

I cannot spend another year reading and watching such hateful things. I encourage everyone to make a change and only share positive things. Only spread stories of love and kindness, of charity and strength.

We need to start making choices out of love and kindness of people and things instead of out of hatred of things we don’t understand. We all need to take a moment to really consider our words and actions. I’ve been terrible about this but trying to get better. We need to laugh more, hug more, and feel compassion towards all living things not just the things that we relate to the most, not just the things we understand the most. We need to take time to educate ourselves about things we don’t understand so we aren’t constantly in fear of the unknown.

We need to take moments out of our day to make sure we brighten someone else’s. We need to spread joy and love and eliminate hate, even in the toughest moments. I have an acquaintance whom I admire more than she will ever know. She smiles and dances without abandon and makes every person in her presence feel a little bit of sunshine. She loves everyone and everything. I want to be more like her… we all should want to be more like her.


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