A letter to her future self…

During the first week of school we had our 5th graders write letters to their future selves so that we could get an idea of their goals. A lot of them were amazing but this one is one of my favorite pieces of work from my students. I have typed it out (with spelling fixes) so that you all can enjoy it as well. She may have her life planned out more than I ever have.

“Dear Me,
By now you’re probably in high school or college. Make sure you get your Master’s degree and open up your dream job with Jayda. Get good grade and make good decisions every day all day. Do your best and make good friends that won’t turn you in the wrong direction. Before all this get a job at a clothing store, work up till you have enough money to buy a house. Buy a nice car, get good insurance and make sure you have enough to pay your bills.
Once you’re done with school then tell mom and dad to visit or live with you. Then get a new job or stay with the one you are in. Possibly, get married and have children. You’re now ready to open your store. Buys dresses and t-shirts [illegible] and a dog for yourself. Have a grand opening, then start lessons on how to sew, walk the stage, put outfits together and more.
Make sure you stay healthy. Wash your hair every 4 weeks, eat breakfast every morning, brush your teeth, and clean the house every morning. DON’T use make-up unless you are going out. Don’t quit sports EVER and don’t let anyone hurt your feelings because then you wouldn’t be you.”



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