Dating in your (almost) 30s

So I’m back in the dating world once again and let me tell you it’s a weird place. I’ve been talking to people about their experiences in the dating world and they have been just as crazy, if not crazier than mine. The theme I’ve noticed in this round of dating is that I’m dating people in their 30s and a lot of them are panicked. They haven’t married, they haven’t had children and they are starting to feel pressured to do so. I have been on multiple dates this past week and they have all been very interesting.

One gentleman began speaking of our future children…in great detail. This man had also thought about our wedding. Word of advice: Don’t mention these things on first dates…wait for a few years worth of dates.  At the end of the date he said I had 2 choices “agree to a 2nd date or be kidnapped and taken to his cabin.” I agreed to a 2nd date for my own safety and haven’t spoken to him since.

One guy text me immediately after our date and told me how much he liked me and has since sent more text messages about us being together for a really long time. Woah…relax buddy. (I was actually super bored on that date and do NOT feel the same way).

On multiple occasions I have been called “wife material.” I’m flattered but let’s save that one for a little while.

I’ve had friends tell me stories of men who created fake relationships with them and stalked them. Friends who had their “dates” forget about their date and show up late. This isn’t just women being screwed over either. One male friend told me of girls introducing them to their ex-boyfriend on the first date and girls getting so black-out drunk because they weren’t paying for drinks that they were impossible to deal with.

What is wrong with these people? I know that there are plenty of wonderful people out there. The above people are wonderful people, who just got stuck with shitty ones.

I admit, I will give anyone a chance and it typically back fires. Just to paint a picture of the desperation out there here are a few of the messages I have received:

No, Robert…that doesn’t work for me. Goodbye, Robert.


This guy…it’s been one date buddy. Relax…

I wasn’t mad at you…until you sent me 4 messages within a couple hours because I didn’t respond right away. Other note…he kept going after that one. 

I will say a dear friend of mine sent me this lovely picture of a book he found to remind me of my future. I think I would gladly accept this as my memoir title. I’m fairly certain this will be a series of posts so feel free to share your bad date stories in the comments!



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