My “Yes” List

This past Sunday was International Kindness Day. While it is always great to be kind to others and goodness knows this world needs more kindness in it, people need to remember to be kind to themselves.

I have been doing a lot of introspection into my own happiness. I created my own “yes” list, inspired by Jennifer Pastiloff. Things I’m trying to say yes more too that make my life happier and kinder.

1.) Yes to meeting new people. 

2.) Yes to letting go of people

3.) Yes to trying new things

4.) Yes to meditation

5.) Yes to alone time

6.) Yes to being unapologetically me

7.) Yes to fear

8.) Yes to new beginnings

9.) Yes to change

10.)Yes to love…all of it.

11.) Yes to laughing like crazy.

12.) Yes to making mistakes…

13.)Yes to learning from them.

14.) Yes to challenge

15.) Yes to knowing when it feels right.

16.) Yes to knowing when it feels wrong. 

17.) Yes to bravery

18.) Yes to saying “no”

19.) Yes to kindness

20.) Yes to vulnerability 

What do your “yes” lists consists of for 2016?


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