My Ode to Mornings


I love mornings because…

It’s quiet – when I take the dog out first thing in the morning, there’s hardly anyone out and I can barely hear traffic on the streets. It’s quite lovely.

Calm- there are some mornings that it’s just so quiet and calm that I just want to sit and soak in the peacefulness of it. That’s why I get up so early in the morning. I have an extra 30 minutes to enjoy breakfast, coffee, and me time.

I do my best thinking- every blog post I write is written in the morning. I simply cannot write in the afternoons or evenings. Also, if I go to bed stressed about something the night before suddenly when I wake up the next day I have a sense of clarity and what I need to do about the situation.

I feel more productive- on the off chance that I really sleep-in (I’m talking past 8 AM which rarely happens) I feel like the day is over and I cannot accomplish anything. If I wake up before 7 AM I feel I can accomplish anything!

The morning sets the mood for the rest of the day- If I oversleep or feel rushed or something upsets me in the morning, my whole day is off. If I wake up and have a calm, wonderful morning my whole day is immediately better.

Meditation can set your intention for the whole day-I saw a quote the other day (and naturally cannot find it again) but it went something like this, “Set your intention for the day or the universe will do it for you.” Shit happens but at least if you go into the day with intention maybe you won’t be thrown off when shit does happen.

Coffee- yes, I drink coffee throughout the day, but there is nothing like sitting on the couch sipping coffee first thing in the morning.

Sunrises- I love summer mornings because of the Colorado sunrises. I’m up early enough to get to see them. I miss my old apartment because it had the best view of those sunrises.



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