Be Kind. Reconnect. Spread Love.

Not even a week ago I wrote about not being an asshole during this political season. Today, an unspeakable tragedy happened in Orlando. While I have seen love and support present itself in the wake of this horrible situation, I still cry on the inside seeing the hate, greed and narcissism that is still running rampant. This isn’t a political game, these are human lives that were taken needlessly. Fearmongoring is peaking and that is terrifying.

Today I plead with all of you: don’t play the blame game, don’t make this about left and right politics.  Make this about humanity and what the fuck we are doing to destroy ourselves. Make this about realizing that we are all so disconnected and unaware of each other that we misunderstand and we hate. Make this about fixing that flaw. Get to know people, talk to your neighbors, put down your cell phones, get off of Facebook and connect with your community. Be aware of the people around you. If you don’t agree with them, show them love anyway, show them understanding, listen when they speak…really listen. Offer help to people. Do random acts of kindness. Spread love.

We need to take care of each other, we need to create a community. We have to stop drawing lines in the sand and not interacting with people who aren’t exactly like us, who do not think like us. The only way we can save ourselves at this point is to reconnect with ourselves and humanity. Take care of one another and please if you want change, show it. Do something about it. 


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