2017-Let’s Do This!

It’s 2017 and I have yet to make the obligatory New Year’s post. Last year, I took the core desired feelings approach from my hero Danielle LaPorte. This year, I’m kind of making it my own with a combination of core desired feelings and the all famous word of the year.

Last year, I had 5 core desired feelings. This year I have three words/feelings that I want to be the center of my year: Joy, mindfulness, and present.

Joy- I chose joy because last year was a whirlwind. I never took a minute to really appreciate and enjoy the amazing moments as they were happening. Yesterday, I was creating an example of a New Year mobile that I was having my students make. One of the prompts was “What were the two best moments in 2016?” I actually skipped it. I couldn’t think of anything. Of course, there were great moments but I had never paused long enough to really appreciate them. After nearly 24 hours of thinking about it, I figured some out but it shouldn’t have taken that long. One way that Jake and I are going to try and keep joyous moments is that I have created a memories jar for 2016. It sits in our living room and has small slips of paper next to it. Whenever something memorable, funny, great happens we write it down and put it in the jar. (Side note: Today’s snow day has made it in the jar.)

Mindfulness- This one is becoming an obsession, in a good way. I got my first taste of mindfulness practice 3 years ago and fell out of habit. Last year, I went to a teacher conference and there was a presentation on using mindfulness in the classroom.  I loved it, but as teachers do it was put on the back burner.

This year, I have had a rough class. Really really rough. This of course is no fault of their own, but due to inconsistencies in teachers for the last 3 years.I saw this meme recently and it perfectly sums up how my schools year has felt:

Image result for my classroom looks like i'm losing a game of jumanji

I went and got a massage in December and my masseuse worked on me for 30 extra minutes (free of charge)because she could not believe how tense my muscles were and was genuinely concerned about my stress levels. That was a wake up call. So I went back to my mindfulness training and started meditating 20 minutes a day. I’ve also started trying to incorporate it into my classroom to help my kiddos become kinder and calmer.

Present-I want to be a better friend, girlfriend, teacher, co-worker. I want to make sure I’m fully present in the moments that I spend with them. This goes hand-in-hand with mindfulness. I want to be in the moment, I want to be a mindful listener. I want to make sure that my action and words are intentional.  I’m also limiting alcohol so that I can be fully present in the moments that I spend with the beautiful people in my life.

My real goal this year is to release some control, relax and just enjoy life to the fullest.


Love, love, love,



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