Growth After Break-Ups



Recently, I experienced a very painful break-up. Yes, I initiated the break- up and yes, it was for the right reason. Yes, I questioned myself every single day. It sucked. I cried a lot, I lost a lot of sleep. However, almost a month later I’m starting to see the things I was meant to learn during this relationship and break-up.

1.) I have my own shit to work on. I’m not always the best communicator. I can be a little too passive. I do not always say what I want/need and then I get annoyed when that want/need isn’t met. I have my anxieties that can be grating on a person. I have shit to work on.

2.) I know what kind of person I want to be with in the future.  

3.) I’m committing time to dating myself. I want to spend time with me. I want to take all the energy I put into maintaining a relationship with  someone else and put it into things I love.  I want to cultivate better relationships with my amazing friends.

4.) I think we all struggle with being “too” for some people in our lives.

Too caring

Too anxious

Too stressed

Too needy

Too loving

Too emotional

Too happy

Too sad

Too positive

Too negative

Too much


However, I want to be okay with all my “toos” and eventually meet someone who loves my “toos” and who has “toos” I love.

Every break-up should be a learning experience. Every relationship is always better than the last, until you find  the right one. I’m excited for my year of singledom adventure and I’m sure I’ll be writing more about it soon.

Love, love, love.



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