The Power of Excercise


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I am having a love affair. Not with a person but with a fitness class. BodyCombat to be exact. I know this sounds completely ridiculous, but it has helped me through some difficult moments in my recent history.

The first time I went was back in March. I have not missed a class on a Saturday since. I’ve told people it is like a spiritual experience. I call it my church. On Saturdays, the class is lead by this wonderful, powerhouse of a woman named Melissa. She is feisty and motivational beyond her job as a trainer. BodyCombat is a mixed martial arts type class.

Here’s a short video to better explain it: BodyCombat 71

If you watch the video about 4 minutes in she says “You have to be mentally strong to fight through the fatigue.”

This could not be truer and taking this class has helped me become mentally and physically stronger. Now you are asking “Why the hell are you telling us this?” This class was the catalyst for the end of my last relationship. I was feeling unhappy and unappreciated. I was feeling taken for granted. This is a theme in my relationships. It was really difficult for me to realize that this again was happening. When I started taking combat I realized I was physically and mentally stronger than I thought I was. I realized that when I really put my mind to it I could truly accomplish anything. Even on bad days, I told myself that if I could make it through 60 minutes of combat, I could make it through anything. I realized that if I ended the relationship, I could, in fact, handle it.

There are these magical moments in BodyCombat, that happen usually the last few minutes of class. Now, I do not know if it is a Melissa thing or if a lot of combat instructors do this. She will tell you to stand with a partner or she’ll have us stand in a circle and finish strong together. When you look around the room and see everyone fighting through the same physical exhaustion and giving their all, it makes one get emotional. I have ended that class many a time with my heart full and feeling a little teary eyed. I’ve had goosebumps from the power that has flooded the gym room. This is why I call it my church.

Now, this isn’t a plug for BodyCombat, though I highly recommend it. No, this is just my personal experience and a realization of a mind-body connection that can happen when you workout. I highly recommend to anyone who is dealing with stress, anxiety, or self-doubt to find your exercise and find what moves you, physically and mentally. It can be a life changing experience.


2 thoughts on “The Power of Excercise

  1. theloyalbritwit says:

    Hello! While I have never participated in this particular brand of exercise, it may sound a little too intensive for me haha; however, I found yoga over three years ago and I can attest to all of your statements about the power and spiritual connection once a person discovers their perfect combination. I’ve even experienced the repercussions of not practicing daily (such as noticeably skipping more than two days. We all need a break occasionally, yes?) by feeling sluggish and waspish. I’m glad you’ve found yours! 🙂 Also, thank you for sharing. I found I was also about to relate to your writing style along with the content. Cheers! 💫


  2. thinredlineweb says:

    Awesome. I love these martial arts type of work outs, my favourite is Tae Bo, funny you write this because I plan on trying Body combat after my 10-day detox. You are right, exercising does amazing things to not only our bodies but our minds, we realize exactly what we are made of and how much strength lies within.
    I am yet to write on my fitness journey, this definitely inspires me to seriously consider it. And oh…. you deserve the best! Im happy you walked away from a dysfunctional relationship. Keep your head up Jesicca. I’m definitely watching you. 🙂


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