The Time I Used A Dating App- Part 1

When you go on a date with someone online you are risking two major things: 1.) Your life and 2.) Your sanity.  While I have had many successful dates from the dating apps and honestly have had a few relationships come out of those dates, there are a lot of bad eggs out there that you have to get through first. Here is one of my “favorite” stories:

About 5 years ago…

I remember one of the first dates I went on from an app was a man who was very attractive in his pictures. We texted for a bit and then we talked on the phone. He came across as a bit arrogant, but I mistook it as confident and let it slide. We went to meet at an ice cream shop. I was on the phone with him as I searched for parking and as I drove by I saw him. It was truly one of the only times I considered continuing to drive and not stop. He was shorter than me (I’m 5’3”), which in the grand scheme of things isn’t bad, and he very much did not look like his pictures.

When I found parking and walked over to meet him, he was every ounce as arrogant as I could have imagined. After we got ice cream we walked around for a bit and he wanted to walk down an alley, which I felt uncomfortable with but he insisted. We came across a group of homeless men who started making inappropriate remarks about how if “he didn’t have sex with me tonight they would.” Obviously, I wanted to go back to the main street immediately. Afterward, he told me he couldn’t believe I had reacted in the way I did and that I was being ridiculous, those men were just “complimenting me.” Umm, what in the actual fuck? Needless to say, the date ended pretty shortly after that.

This, however, did not deter him from trying to get a 2nd date. Unfortunately for him, I had recently been on a couple of amazing dates with my soon to be boyfriend shortly after our first date. When I told this douche bag that I was not interested he kept insisting that I was. I then told him I had met someone who I really got along with and I wanted to see where it went with him. He informed me that I didn’t really want a nice guy and that I wanted him. When I told him that I did want a nice guy and that I really did not ever want to see this man again, this was his response:




In case you were wondering that feeling of missing out with him never occurred. Ever. This did not keep him from trying again though, 4 years later. About 7 months after my boyfriend and I broke up I was back on the same dating app and guess who messaged me? Yup Douche Bag himself. Don’t worry everyone he was still available and if I ever wanted to go on another date, he would be willing. No, no, no.

I wish I could remember his name so I could put him on some sort of “do not date list” so no other poor soul gets stuck on a date with this guy. But alas, that is just one of the many adventures in dating and again why I’m a likely spinster.


One thought on “The Time I Used A Dating App- Part 1

  1. dattaragurl says:

    Oh the ‘going on dates with guys I met on dating apps’ chronicles is one of the most heart wrenching chapters of my life I will not be forgetting in a hurry; the laughter, tears, lessons and most importantly, wtf moments. You are absolutely right when you said we risk two things- our life and our sanity. Great post.

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