Polar Bears and Waterfalls

The other night I had the most incredible dream. I was walking on a very narrow and rocky path along the mountainside. I know there was someone else with me but I can’t remember who it was or if it was anyone I actually know. I was very scared along this path because I was afraid of falling off the edge. After a few turns along the path, I saw the most beautiful waterfall. The width was several miles across, it was massive. The road I was on was slightly above the top of the waterfall so I was looking down on it. As the road started to descend toward the top of the waterfall there was a small polar bear cub playing near the water. He was playing and ran up to me and start walking with me, almost like a puppy would. As we rounded yet another corner there was another bear cub who was also playing. He also began following us. At this point, unfortunately, I woke up. I was so curious about the symbolism of my dreams that I had to look up the meaning. According to one source “Seeing a waterfall in your dream is symbolic of letting go. You are releasing all those pent-up emotions and negative feelings. Alternatively, the dream represents your goals and desires. In particular, if the waterfall is clear then it represents revitalization, regeneration, and renewal.”

To see polar bears in your dream signifies a reawakening. The Inuit also have many legends around polar bears that are powerful. They believe that a polar bear is a “super soul” and that they embody a lot of human characteristics and emotions and therefore the Inuit have a great appreciation for the polar bear. There is even a polar bear god named Tornaurssuk. He is the initiate god which means when someone is in a period of great transition he helps them through the process and through a ritual (which I won’t get into because it’s weird) helps bring them back into the world renewed.

So that is two symbols of renewal and transformation in one dream. Sure, if you are in the camp that dreams mean nothing, then you probably stopped reading or think I’m trying to find meaning in something that isn’t there. That’s fine, that’s your belief. However, I do believe that dreams help you work through waking situations or give you signs. I’m a huge believer in that. I do believe I have been in a huge transition lately.

I’ve had some great people in my life really helping me move past some negative shit in my past (mainly old relationship stuff). I’ve had some incredible healing take place over the past few months that I didn’t know I needed. Man, did I have some emotional baggage that I wasn’t letting go of.  Luckily for me, I have had a wonderful human being come into my life who has no problem letting me know when I am holding on to something that I need to let go of. This person is also the reason that I’m learning to be more in the present and let go of some of my anxiety. Every time I start getting anxious about anything in the future he kindly says to me, “hey get back here.” The first time he said it I laughed because he was so right and it was the simplest thing anyone could ever say to me to make me refocus on what is “right now” and not future problems that haven’t even happened yet. This is now how I face most situations if I’m focusing too much on past or future issues I gently remind myself to “Get back here.” I think that has played a major role in my “waterfall” and letting go of negative and pent-up shit. The process of acknowledging my stuff and moving past it has been huge.

As for the polar bears, I think that I’m starting to get to know myself better than ever. More importantly, I am starting to really love the parts of myself I thought were quirky and eccentric. I’m really starting to own who I am, which is why I can write stuff like this and put it out there. I’m really excited about this “transition” period and cannot wait to see what comes out of it.


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