Why It’s ok to Skip the Gym


I’m very fortunate and have had a fall break this week. In my head, I had a lot of things I was going to get done. A lot of cleaning, a lot of errands and I was going to be at the gym every. Single. Day. Then instead, I was sick for 4 days. I did get one of my closets completely cleaned out on Saturday, but that was my only burst of energy. I spent the last 4 days feeling exhausted and essentially drowning in my own mucus (you’re welcome for that description).

Today was the first day I felt better. I was going to go to the gym, in fact, I still have my gym clothes on. Guess what? I haven’t gone. Guess what? I really do not want to. In fact, I do not want to go anywhere today. Not to get my oil changed not even to my favorite place, the library. I just want to stay home. And you know what? That is alright. I don’t feel like cleaning my kitchen today. I do not feel like calling Comcast and breaking up with them. And yet, the world is still turning… fancy that.

I’m on fall break, I can give myself a break. I can sit around writing, I can read, I can watch TV and not feel guilty. Sometimes I think, females especially, are really hard on ourselves when we feel like we aren’t doing. I shouldn’t just be sitting around I should be doing something! And you know I am, I’m reading and writing which is doing something that I find valuable.

I’m also recharging after being sick, I’m recharging after spending countless hours in the classroom and outside the classroom doing work, I’m recharging from house hunting, I’m recharging from all the stressful shit that goes on in life. So really, I’ve accomplished a lot this week and for that I’m thankful.

Give yourself permission for a break and do absolutely nothing.


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