Miserable People and The Internet

Miserable people thrive on the internet. They love trolling and becoming outraged at literally anything. From politics to mashed potatoes you can spot a miserable person a mile away. These people are bored and lonely, there is no point in even acknowledging these people and yet people engage with them every day. I was inspired to write this post based on a comment I found on a mashed potato recipe…yes, a mashed potato recipe sparked some outrage in this woman and I find it hilarious:

potato anger

Alright Tory, we won’t make you try the potatoes. She’s also very passionate about the use of cream cheese…I wonder what her stance is on bagels with cream cheese?

So I decided to find a couple more hilarious and completely uncalled for reactions to seemingly innocuous things.

This next one is a man who disliked an inspiring video of a mother-daughter weightloss

weight loss bitterness

And Brian what if I told you it was possible to be happy for other people?

Here is a great one and a depiction of life as a celebrity. Comedian Chelsea Handler posted a Throwback Thursday picture of her as a teenager in a costume. And yet…

cheslea anger

Wait…what? Why are you even following Chelsea Handler if you hate her so much? What is the point? Also, what does this have to do with the picture she posted?


Tory isn’t the only one outraged by a recipe. This person was offended, for an entire region on a map, because of a beet hummus recipe:

hummus anger

Wow…alright, sorry about the hummus. Call it whatever you want. Chickpea and beet mush? Fine all yours.  Or better yet, just don’t make it if it pisses you off.

Food seems to be a point of contention with a lot of people. These two are pretty passionate about vegan ice cream’s existence vegan ice cream

Alright, Steve…call it frozen sugar and Bianca, pretty sure Steve wasn’t “brainwashed by society,” so let’s calm down there.

Add some of your favorite troll moments in the comments if you would like!



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