Obligatory New Year’s/30th Birthday Post


dont be an asshole

From one of my personal favorite facebook pages Jennifer Pastiloff. Look her up, seriously.


As it is now the New Year and almost my 30th birthday I felt the need to write. I already wrote this post once and it was completely different. It was pretentious and it sounded like I knew stuff. I do not. It was titled “30 lessons over 30 years.” I wrote it, it felt right at the time and then I slept on it and woke up this morning hating it. And you know what? It’s ok. That’ll be one of those “for me” writings that I hold on to and reflect on but do not share. Coincidentally I also came across a video about Michelle Poler this morning. I’m a little late on the train on this one since she did her project in 2015 but I immediately fell in love/became obsessed.

For those of you unfamiliar, Michelle Poler worked on a project for grad school where she faced one fear per day for 100 days. Her Ted Talk was her 100th fear, public speaking, found here. She also has her facebook page and podcast “Hello Fears.” Which I have spent hours combing through this morning. She also has a fun (free!) workbook on her page to download to figure out your goals for 2018, found here.

So, I have pivoted. Last year, in March I made my year-of-single list. And While I’m still working on that list I also stopped being single. It’s inappropriately named now. So I am updating my list and making it my Year of 30 Goals/ Facing Fears List.  I’m merging these two lists because they just kind of fit together. Here are some of the items, I anticipate adding more as the year goes on:

Try rock climbing. Again this has been on my bucket list since I was a freshman in high school. I have about a million reasons excuses not to do it, but I need to just get over them and do them.

Get my ears pierced for the first time. Confession: I’m 30 and I have never had my ears pierced. NEVER. I have a weird fear of doing so, but babies get it done so I think maybe I probably can too.

Leave the country. I have also never left the country. Not even to Canada or Mexico.

Spend a weekend alone in a state I’ve never visited. There are a lot of states I have not visited and I would like to start tackling some of them. One goal I have for sure is to visit one completely alone to explore.

Try snowshoeing. This is another one crossing over from the last bucket list. Seems kind of fun and like a ridiculous workout so I want to give it a go.

Try skiing. This has never, ever been on my bucket list and I’m still leery of it. However, having a best friend who works near a ski resort and people peer pressuring me, I guess I’ll give it a shot. Pretty sure skiing is how I’ll die…even on a bunny hill.

Go to a movie alone. I still haven’t done this. Maybe this week as I finish out my winter break I will venture to a movie. Alone.

Get a tattoo. A small one, that is somewhat hidden (relax, Mom). I have a couple of literary ones in mind that I would like to get.

Take an improv class. I still want to try this…I think I’m hilarious so other people should to right?? No? Ok.

Give up drinking for 1 month.  We probably all should do this at least once.

Go one day without my phone. Just completely shut it off and put it away and use only in case of emergencies. Again, something we should all do from time to time.

Hike a 14eer. Another transfer from my last list because it has still not been accomplished and I still want to. An easy one, let’s not get crazy.

Do a 1-month social media detox. Carlos calls it “Getting wasted” when you sit an scroll through social media for hours on end with no real purpose. So just like drinking I’d like to shut it all down for a whole month. Recharge and refocus.

Go to a restaurant alone. This is another transfer from the last list, but again I still haven’t accomplished it. Sure we all grab take out and run home, but I have never sat alone at a restaurant and ate.

Spend time with people who are positive. I know what you are thinking “umm how is this something on a bucket list.” Well let me tell you, this one scares me a little. I know that in 2017 I spent a lot of time with people who were super negative. This means I need to spend less time with people who are negative which means I could be pissing people off and losing people. That’s a little scary to everyone.

Be courageous. Now, this seems like a vague, nonspecific item on my list. However, all of the above items are on my list because in some way they cause me to panic a little or flat out scare me (hello there ear piercing). I do tend to get in my own way because of my irrational fears and reservations. That is why Michelle Poler’s project resonated with me so much.

Please feel free to leave some of your fear list items in the comments….I’m always inspired by other people’s ideas.


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