How Adopting a Dog Changed Me

My old man dog died in October of last year and it was a terribly painful experience for me. I cried for like three days straight. Even now typing those words make me really sad. I had decided I either wanted to foster or adopt a dog but I was DEFINITELY going to wait until the … Continue reading How Adopting a Dog Changed Me

My Childhood Alterego- Tiffany Sportslender

I was a weird kid. While I played with dolls and things like a normal child, I had also created a completely alternate persona, Tiffany Sportslender. At first, Tiffany owned a sporting goods shop where she would rent or lend sports equipment (get it...sports-lender, it was in her name she had to do this.) However, soon Tiffany … Continue reading My Childhood Alterego- Tiffany Sportslender