Writing Choices-An Open Letter

Dear Readers,

As some of you know, I was contributing to a millennial women’s website for a bit. And as some of you know, my articles have tapered off there. While they are a great website, my ideas do not really align with what they want. When I got hired on, I was told they were going in a new direction. They didn’t want articles telling women how to be more attractive or get a man. They wanted to empower women. Awesome, sign me up! My first few non-dating articles were accepted, but then suddenly none of my pitches were being accepted.

Then, all of the writers received an e-mail about how the articles that “get the most clicks” are about dating or break-ups and that we needed to pitch more of those ideas. So I stopped pitching ideas. It’s not what I signed up for. Was it my only paying writing job? Yes. However, I couldn’t write stuff I believed in. The last article I wrote, which was never published was about “best cities for singles.” The article took me 3 weeks to write, which is unheard of but I just hated it that much. No one should move so they can find a man.

I pitched ideas about financial topics, books, documentaries and all were rejected. So I struggle, I think more often than not, women want these articles and yet the ones we click on the most are about relationship issues. I enjoy writing anecdotal, real-life stories about lifestyle types of things, but I’d love to move towards “smarter” topics. I know some of you just got really offended and took that the wrong way.  I just think we are more than the relationships we have are do not have. I think we are a kind, intelligent generation. Despite all of the negative attention we get.

So my question to all my fellow millennials (or really any generation at this point), what are topics you haven’t seen covered in a way that connects with you or topics you haven’t really seen covered at all that you would like to? I want to start moving toward content you want and need. So send me an e-mail at likelyspinster@gmail.com, leave a comment here, or send me a message on any of my social media pages. FB: Likely Spinster Twitter: @theyearofsingle and IG: Likelyspinster


Jessica- The Likely Spinster


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