An Open Letter to the Man Who Unknowingly Impacted a Student

To The Man at Buffalo Wild Wings,

Today, one of my students came to me and told me all about you. He couldn’t wait to tell me what had happened the night before. Usually, I do not see this student until the last period of the day, but he came and saw me first thing in the morning. He told me about how he held the door for you and that you were so impressed by his politeness that you went and told his parents. He told me that you asked if you could buy him ice cream and his parent’s said, “yes” so you did. He was so proud that this happened to him that he couldn’t wait to tell me. He could not stop smiling this morning.

Here is what you didn’t know about that boy, sir. That boy has had a rough couple of years in school. Many teachers have labeled him the “bad kid,” even his peers are shocked when I tell him that I love him because they all say he is “bad.” I know for a fact he is not. He struggles badly with reading and so he cannot do the work he is assigned and he distracts others to distract from the fact that he cannot read. He has a huge heart but has only been told one thing most of his schooling, he’s “bad.” He is the first one to see how I’m doing in the morning and he is always the last one to hug me goodbye.

Sir, when he came to tell me this story today I had to try not to cry. I wanted to cry because I was so happy that other’s see how wonderful he is. I was happy because he desperately needs that positive attention and I cannot always be around to give it to him (as much as I want to). What probably seemed like a small gesture to you, was huge for this boy and I cannot thank you enough. I hope more people realize the impact that they have on children every single day regardless of whether you are a parent or teacher. They are watching, they are listening and they need us. Thank you for realizing that.





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