Learning What Makes Me Tick


I haven’t written in a long time. I’ve been so busy with a lot of exciting things. I’m going to start working on my Master’s start in June. I’ve been preparing for my super intense yoga training in July. Just a lot of big things happening (more in the works too).

It’s been 3 months since I was officially told I had PCOS. I was put on a birth control pill to help with the symptoms and I’ve slowly been changing my diet. The results have been incredible in just 3 months.

Now I’m someone who wants to be as “all-natural” as possible and have been told the evils of birth control pills. However, now that I’m on the “right” one the results have been amazing. I was losing hair in large quantities from my scalp. Chunks were coming out every time I showered. It had been like this for years so I never thought anything of it. Then a month ago I noticed little “baby” hairs growing in the front part of my scalp and on the top of my head. My hair has been growing back with vengeance. I didn’t even realize how much hair I had lost until it started growing back in.

I also completely cut caffeine from my diet. Holy cow has that made a difference. Caffeine used to affect my insulin so much. I was starving immediately after drinking coffee. I thought everyone felt that way, I was wrong. After I cut out caffeine I stopped eating morning snacks. I sleep so much better too. Another perk is that I never hit that 2pm slump anymore.

I’ve been slowly trying to reduce my sugar intake as well as my alcohol intake (really one in the same). I can absolutely tell the difference when I go all day without sugar and when I decide to eat some. I feel like shit when I eat sugar and yet sometimes when the urge hits, I  still do it. Then I immediately regret it. This week is a prime example of truly feeling what food can do to my body, in the worst way. The day before spring break there was candy and ice cream, alcohol, fried food, and pizza. It was a really bad day for health. Then that night I couldn’t sleep, my anxiety was up and I could not get my brain to settle down. The next morning I felt unrested and just terrible. My body craved a vegetable. I couldn’t even get up to go to the gym. Then I tried to detox and eat clean but my body was going through withdrawals. It just wanted junk, I was starving.

Before cutting stuff out, I would have never noticed this. I would have attributed my exhaustion to it being the last week before break. However, I now know that food is a major factor for me right now. This week, I will be trying to perfect the quick and easy clean meals while I have the time so that I can stick with it for the remainder of the school year. If I find any good ones, I’ll definitely share them here.

The lesson here is one that has been told over and over: you are what you eat. If you eat crap you will feel like crap, especially with PCOS.


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