Confession: I Have An Anxiety Disorder

I have gone back and forth on writing this post because it feels deeply personal and it is a little scary to put this out there. I decided to write this hoping that it helps someone else explain to other people how they are feeling or that it helps someone understand another person in their … Continue reading Confession: I Have An Anxiety Disorder

Writing Choices-An Open Letter

Dear Readers, As some of you know, I was contributing to a millennial women's website for a bit. And as some of you know, my articles have tapered off there. While they are a great website, my ideas do not really align with what they want. When I got hired on, I was told they were … Continue reading Writing Choices-An Open Letter

Creating Peace

So I don't typically ask for anything from my readers or much from even my friends or family. However, I currently have a large donorschoose project out there to fund a professional development for myself. I have been researching mindfulness and its effects on kids and I want to take a 200+ hour training on … Continue reading Creating Peace