My Childhood Alterego- Tiffany Sportslender

I was a weird kid. While I played with dolls and things like a normal child, I had also created a completely alternate persona, Tiffany Sportslender. At first, Tiffany owned a sporting goods shop where she would rent or lend sports equipment (get it...sports-lender, it was in her name she had to do this.) However, soon Tiffany … Continue reading My Childhood Alterego- Tiffany Sportslender

Miserable People and The Internet

Miserable people thrive on the internet. They love trolling and becoming outraged at literally anything. From politics to mashed potatoes you can spot a miserable person a mile away. These people are bored and lonely, there is no point in even acknowledging these people and yet people engage with them every day. I was inspired … Continue reading Miserable People and The Internet