Why I Cancelled all my Fitness Magazine Subscriptions

"7 Fast Moves for Flat Abs" "Lean, Strong, Confident One Workout to Sweaty Bliss." "Look Great Beauty Playbook" "Prevent Pounds from Creeping Back" next to another article "Break free from negative thinking." These are just some of the titles of articles from one "fitness" magazine that arrived in my mailbox. By some miracle there is … Continue reading Why I Cancelled all my Fitness Magazine Subscriptions

Core Desired Feelings- 2016

If you have not read Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte, I HIGHLY recommend it. After quite the year of ups and downs I decided to take her approach to resolutions. Not setting specific goals, but identifying how you want to feel and deciding what you need to feel that way. The book includes the first part, describing … Continue reading Core Desired Feelings- 2016

Self Dates

It's been a rough week...really rough. Grades are due soon so I have been working long monotonous hours and 12-15 hours on the weekends. It's been exhausting, not to mention endless surprise visits from parents and e-mails. (Yes, I'm doing that thing right now that I said not to do in my blog post about … Continue reading Self Dates