Wedding Season

One thing I'll never understand is wedding guests. They feel entitled to everything, even though it's not their wedding. They feel they can act like a fool and all will be forgiven at the end of the weekend. It becomes an excuse to drink for an entire weekend. While this is fine, I don't think … Continue reading Wedding Season

“Do These Stairs Go Up?” (Part 2)

Back by popular demand...some of my "favorite" conversations with hotel guests. Part 2: Guest: "How do I get to you?" Me: "Where are you?" Guest: "The parking garage." Me: "Go through the door..." Guest: "Where is it?" Me: "On the wall...the wall that's attached to the building. Go through the door and you'll find me." … Continue reading “Do These Stairs Go Up?” (Part 2)

The Worst Date Ever (A learn from my mistakes story)

Last week I wrote about dating etiquette, today I thought I'd share a personal story. I recently told the current person I'm dating the story of my worst date ever, which he thought was the funniest thing ever. I thought I might as well share the story (although some of you have heard this or were my "safeties" during … Continue reading The Worst Date Ever (A learn from my mistakes story)