The Year of Single- Bucket List

After deciding that I was going to stay single for a while and focus on me, I decided I want to make a bucket list. Now my bucket list I’m keeping at 30 items (I’m also turning 30 in January so 30 before 30). I’m not going to beat myself up if I do not accomplish everything on my list, it’s just guidance for me to step outside my comfort zone. I was getting stuck around 25 items so I reached out to the wonderful Wild Soul Women Tribe to get some ideas. It definitely helped me revise my list. Here is the current final draft, it is of course subject to change as I change. One item, boxing, got checked off my list today! I’m so sore…so sore.

Bucket List:

1.) Try boxing- did this today and will continue doing this. I loved it and yet, I think I will be cursing it come tomorrow morning.

2.) Try rock climbing- This has been a bucket list item since I was in high school and I have never done it. I think it is time.

3.) Try various forms of dance that I haven’t. I have a dance background but have never ventured into salsa dancing, ballroom dancing, etc.

4.) Go on a trip out of the country- This may be difficult because of finances and my next bucket list item, but I’m going to try,

5.) Buy my own condo/townhouse- two break-ups in the same room, in the same house is too damn many. It’s tainted. I need a fresh place.

6.) Spend a weekend in a state I have never visited. Open to suggestions on this.

7.) Meditate daily. I used to be good about this… I stopped and I desperately need it.

8.) Join a meet-up group…and actually go. Meeting new people gives me anxiety. Going some place where I don’t know a single person makes me want to throw-up. However, I’m trying to expand my comfort zone and this is one of those things.

9.) Try snowshoeing- At this point I know I’ll have to wait until next winter, but I’m ok with that.

10.) Spend a weekend camping. Generally this is frowned upon in my book. I think a weekend in nature might be good for me.

11.) Take a cake decorating class- Everyone knows I make yummy things, but I want to make yummy, pretty things.

12.) Work on my vegetarian cooking. The goal is to be completely vegetarian by the end of the year.

13.) Learn to cook Indian food. I love it, it’s my absolute favorite. I want to be able to make it.

14.) Read 50 books. Just because…

15.) Go to a movie alone. I’m almost  30 and never done it.

16.) Go to a museum alone. A practice in enjoying my own company.

17.) Submit 5 stories/articles for publication, even if they all get rejected. 

18.) Try a new restaurant…alone. 

19.)Hike a 14er. As a Colorado native, I feel my “native card” is about to be revoked, because I have never done this. Something easy. Don’t get crazy.

20.) Continue to work on the various novels I’ve started. Maybe pick one and, you know, stick with it.

21.) Go see a play or musical. I haven’t done that in awhile, I miss it.

22.) Try an improv or acting class. This terrifies me, so I should probably do it.

23.) Attend a concert of someone I’ve never heard of. 

24.) Learn to sew. I just want to…no explanation needed.

25.) Draft a children’s book. 

26.) Spend time with people who are outside my social circle. I often get invitations to hang out with people who I normally don’t  spend time with. Often, I do not make  time for those people. I would like to.

27.) Clear the clutter.  A spring/summer purge is necessary. Out with the old.

28.) Refurbish more stuff. I’m in love with taking old furniture and giving it new life. I want more of that in my life.

29.) Have a patio herb garden. I used to and I want one again.

30.) Practice listening more than talking. I’m a teacher, I could literally talk all day.

Those are my top 30, though I’m open to more suggestions! If you want to help with any of these items or have items to add let me know!




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